Dog Barking: Why They Do It and What’s Normal

What do you think a dog is trying to tell you when they start barking? Some people may think it’s their way of saying “hello”. While a dog barking may scare the next person. One thing is for sure, it seems like most dogs love to bark. Even when it’s not ideal. But, we sure do expect them to bark when a stranger knocks on the door. Although most of the time the barks end up with tons of kisses.

If you have a dog who excessively barks you may be looking for an out. Well, before you find that “out”, you need to understand barking. Learning why dogs bark and what’s normal.  Hopefully the information below will help you, once again, have a happy bond with your pup.

Why Do Dogs Bark?

A lot of times people think dogs should bark when someone knocks on the door. Most of the time they’re hoping this will keep unwanted guest away. Some dog owners even get upset when their dog ignores a door knock or doorbell ring. But, hey, when the sleep is good, it’s good .

But, why do dogs bark in the first place? Is it to scare guest away? Well, that’s one reason. Especially if your pooch thinks the person knocking is an “intruder”. There are other reasons they are vocal, too. Think of it like this. We talk, type, or text to communicate. Well, if you haven’t noticed, dogs can’t really do any of those things. That’s why they communicate through barking.

● Your dog is saying “hello.”
● A pooch who barks may be excited and want to play.
● Dogs who wonder what’s going on may bark.
● Barking can also be a way to warn others the dog is not happy.
● If a dog is confused they may bark. Often dogs who are coming out of anesthesia, and are confused, will bark excessively.
● Your pup may need you to help them. But, since they can’t ask you, they bark at you.
● They want your attention.
● They’re suffering from separation anxiety.
● Your dog may bark because they’re hungry.

What’s Normal Dog Barking?

Quite honestly, barking in general is normal dog behavior. Barking becomes abnormal when it’s excessive. So, in order to figure out what’s considered excessive, you have to know what’s normal. All of the reasons above are normal. Barking is their main form of communication. It’s their way of letting us know what they want to tell us.

Excessive Barking in Dogs

But, what if your dog doesn’t seem to stop barking when he’s barking for all the right reasons? Then this may be known as excessive barking. More than likely your dog is barking over and over again because you haven’t met its needs. You’ll find that dogs who are left alone for long periods of time or are left outside bark a lot.

It’s hard to have guest over when your dog won’t stop barking at them. It doesn’t just make you uncomfortable. It leaves your guest feeling a little on edge, too. So, if this is a problem in your house then you’ll want to find a way to control the barking.

Training starts and continues at home. But, a dog trainer can really help you control a dog who barks a lot. They’ll also provide you with the skills that will continue to reinforce what your pooch learns during training. In essence, dog trainers aren’t just training the dogs. They’re training the dog owners, too.