First Time Dog Owner Guide

Are you ready to accept a brand-new dog into your daily life? It could be exciting to get a new pet dog into your house yet it also can possibly be a stressful experience. Dogs don’t automatically come with an owner’s manual that explains every behavior and action. You might panic that you do not have the understanding to always keep your pet dog healthy and balanced, protected and entertained. Don’t worry– listed here are six suggestions to transform you from a canine novice into a wise dog owner:

Tip # 1 Make certain you are able to manage the obligation of dog ownership.

In advance of you get a dog, make certain you know the obligations connected with owning a dog. Think about these essential questions before you bring home a new dog:

  • Exactly why do I really want a dog?
  • Do I have the amount of time to take him to obedience-training lessons and practice at home just what we were taught? Boston Offleash K9 Dog Training can help here.
  • Can I effectively take care of a dog? Will I see to it to feed him, provide him clean, fresh drinking water, and exercise him each day?
  • Can I handle pet hair or slobber on my clothing and in my home? Am I willing to clean up when a dog that sheds?
  • Will I be patient and not shout if he has accidents on the rug or chews my favorite book ?
  • Will I comply with leash laws and pick up after him on daily strolls?
  • Do I have time to find a quality veterinary clinic and pet medical insurance plan in order to keep him in good shape?
  • Do I have room in my home and yard for a small or large dog?

Tip # 2 Do your research.

Resist bringing home the very first adorable, snuggly dog you see. Learn as much as possible about the dog from his current caretaker or breeder. Ask about his daily routine and how he behaves around people and other dogs. If you have children and other pets, ask if he is kid and pet-friendly.

Tip # 3 Ask your dog-smart friends and family for advice

Considering that your family and friends know you well, ask them for guidance. As dog-savvy owners, they can help you find a dog breed that’s a perfect match for you and your family’s way of living.

Tip # 4 Buy the required pet supplies.

Before you head home with your new pet, make certain you pick up the necessary supplies at your neighborhood pet store. Must-have items on your shopping list include:

  • Leash
  • Collar
  • Identification tags
  • Quality commercial dog food (appropriate for his age, and activity and wellness levels).
  • Safe dog toys.
  • Dog bedding.
  • Stainless-steel food and water bowls.
  • Package of disposable doggy waste bags.

Tip # 5 Spend quality time together.

On the day you pick up your new dog, don’t set up other activities. Take time off from work and spend excellent time with your new dog so you can bond with each other. Allow him to sniff and investigate his new home (room by room) at his own pace. Don’t overwhelm him, and slowly introduce family members and other pets to the new dog.

Tip # 6 Arrange fun adventures when your dog is home alone.

You don’t want your new dog to be worn out when he is home alone while you are at work. To prevent him from being lonely and destructive, schedule a professional pet sitter to take your dog for daily walks. Another option is to bring your dog to a respectable doggy day care. Professional animal caretakers provide supervised, structured exercise for your dog and help him socialize better with people and other dogs. You can also get brain-stimulating playthings for your dog to help work their mind while you’re away.

Tip # 7 Be Patient.

Remember to be patient with your new pooch. Your new dog requires time to adjust to his new environments. By staying calm and being consistent with your commands and disposition, you can help him adjust to his new now and forever home with comfort and peace.