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Absolutely Amazing!

We are so pleased with the training that our chocolate Lab Dakota received while doing the two week board and train with Jenna! She was absolutely amazing kept us updated on her progress and came home a different dog! Dakota was counter surfing, jumping on the kids and all around rambunctious, now I can tell her to leave things alone and she will it was money well spent! Jenna was amazing and I am glad to have been so lucky to get someone to train my dog that I know loves her and took great care of as well as trained her! HANDS DOWN BEST MONEY SPENT

Robin P.  //  Verified Facebook Review

Couldn't be Happier!

Our 7 month old Bernedoodle, Bowie, just completed the two week board and train program with Jenna. We couldn’t be happier with the experience and the outcome. Jenna is so good at what she does. She was great about keeping us in the loop with pictures and videos as the training progressed. We were able to see, first hand, how much fun Bowie was having and that he was being cared for as though he belonged to her. He came home yesterday knowing every command and excited to show off his new skills. Jenna was also very patient and thorough when it was our turn to be trained! We are now confident in our ability to reinforce all that Bowie has learned! 

Debbie K.  //  Verified Google Review

An Amazing Dog NOw!

Jenna was amazing at training our one year old energetic golden-doodle. We sent Charlie for the two week board and train program and it was the best money spent. Charlie loves showing off his new manners and he truly is an amazing dog now. Jenna is so knowledgeable and very informative. We thank her so much!

Meghan D. //  Verified Google Review

Amazing! Highly Recommend!

Thunda and Lightning spent two weeks training with Jenna. Not only did she train them but she truly loved them and treated them like her own babies as she referred to them in her updates to us. The company has great communication prior and during the boarding training. My pups are home now and are still their happy selves. The only difference is they are trained on a ton of new commands individually and together and walk off leash and that is amazing!!! Highly recommend!!! So grateful to Jenna!

Lisa M.  //  Verified Facebook Review

Happy & Better Behaved!

We are very pleased with our experience after sending our dog to Jenna for 2 weeks! Our puppy came home happy, better behaved, and with a new sense of confidence. He listens much better to commands now, is calmer, and responds well to the e-collar. Jenna communicated with us, sent us photos and videos of our puppy in action, and is very professional. I would recommend Off Leash K9 Training to anyone looking for a positive training experience!

Erin D.  //  Verified Yelp Review

I was Amazed!

I have a 6 month old Australian Shepard Maverick who participated in the 2 week Board an train Program. Prior to Mav's training he would tug at leashes during walks, run away when off leash, and nip at people when you tried to pet him. I was amazed by day three when I received videos of Mav sitting in place off leash listening to his commands. When Mav came back he was fully off leash and responding to all of his commands! Whether in big crowds or inside our home his is very attentive to his commands and behaves very well. I cannot thank Nikki enough for her training with Maverick.

Gary A //  Verified Facebook Review

Results Were Shocking!

I had doubts that anyone would be able to train my Shiba Inu pup. She would get out of her harness and take off, ignore me when called etc. I had some one on one training previously where someone would come to my home once a week but it didn’t work for me. I couldn’t invest the time to enforce the training as I was shown. I wanted to spend what time I had bringing her to the park and what not. Leaving her with Jenna was the best decision I made. She made me very comfortable leaving Luna with her for 2 weeks. She’s very friendly and quick to respond.

The results were shocking when I got her back. A shiba Inu that actually listens? I knew she would be tough based on their breeds personality. She rarely is put on a leash now. She listens so well. If you have the money, definitely do it! Free refresher courses for life, but u may not have to do that if you go through the training once in a while.

Jennifer C //  Verified Google Review

OMG! Absolutely Amazing!

Omg! What can I say, absolutely amazing! Not only do they take the time to build a bond with your dog but they also care about you the client! They are hands down the best thing I have ever done for my 4 legged kids! Thank you so much for the freedoms we have gained! Without this training my pups would still be typical house pets always inside rarely out for walks, but now they are the best dogs in the neighborhood!

Joshua A //  Verified Google Review

Forever Grateful!

Off Leash K9 Training is the best investment I have ever made. My dog Atlas, an LB1 Labradoodle, was as rambunctious as most anyone could imagine. Yes he was house trained, and could sit on command. However, after the two weeks of professional training. Atlas's trainer Jenna worked really well with him. He no longer jumps on anyone, he obey's all commands and has his own code word that lets him let loose and be himself. I will be forever grateful for this experience and quality training.

Brian G.  //  Verified Facebook Review

Truly Remarkable!

I rescued an adult (5-6 year-old lab) named Jet. He came from a difficult situation, and was in the shelter/foster homes for almost a year before I adopted him. He had a lot of behavioral issues including running away. I tried for over 6 months. with several other trainers in Boston before researching and deciding to sign Jet up for the 2-week off-leash boot camp with Jenna at OLK9.

I cannot recommend Jenna enough! It is amazing how far Jet came in those two weeks. He now enjoys off leash freedom in Boston. His bad habits, such as trash diving and counter surfing, are much better, too! Jenna was also able to crate train him. Jet loves his crate, and even goes in there with his toys on his own. There's never a struggle. He hasn't stopped smiling since Jenna dropped him off. He is so happy to be able to run without being tethered to me, and is proud of his new skills when we work on his commands. Jet's transformation is truly remarkable! I am so grateful for Jenna!

Chrissy K.  //  Verified Facebook Review

Much More Confident!

Jenna is terrific!! I cannot say how pleased we are with the training Jaeger received while with her. After meeting Jenna it was quickly obvious that she LOVES what she does, and she treated our Jaeger like one of her own. Jenna kept us informed of Jaeger's progress with videos & texts and was quick to answer any inquiry we had while he was with her. The daily hands-on training instilled Jaeger with the commands so that when Jenna worked with us to use them he was very responsive. We continue to work with him every day and I am much more confident letting him run off leash knowing he will listen and come when called, stay in place when asked, all the while with distractions around him. Jenna is a talented dog trainer!

Diane Y.  //  Verified Google Review

Can't Believe the Transformation

I can't believe the transformation that Jenna has instilled upon my girl!! Kiwi is my second Goldens and much more stubborn and harder to train than my first, Mochi. 

We sent both Mochi and Kiwi to train and board with Jenna for 2 weeks and not only can Kiwi heel, she can heel off leash and can go on walks alongside her brother Mochi without breaking our arms off. 

Jenna kept in touch frequently during the 2 weeks and even afterwards to check in on the pups. She's a truly dedicated dog lover who only wants the best for them and loves her job. 

Colette Y.  //  Verified Yelp Review

Huge IMprovement!

Worth the money, such a great decision to bring my 3 yo Siberian husky to off leash. Our trainer, Jenna, was patient and very attentive to the specific needs of our dog. He had some serious leash pulling issues that we thought he would never get over, so I was skeptical of even trying. We did just 4 lessons and saw a huge improvement!! Jenna worked with our schedule and was and still is available for us to ask her questions any time we need. The program really made me feel more confident in my own ability to work with and train my dog!  Highly recommend.

Jess P.  //  Verified Yelp Review

Beyond Happy...Huge Difference!

We took home an eight week German Shepard and did basic training with her but it was not enough. When my friend told me about off leash Canine training I knew this is exactly what our Dog Zoey needed, further corrections. I would recommend this over any basic training as these trainers get to spend the time and get to know your dog. My boyfriend and I are beyond happy and see a huge difference. Definitely recommend and go through this process you won't be disappointed!

Kayla M.  //  Verified Facebook Review

Still in Disbelief!

Our two year old hound/lab, Cooper, completed the board and train program with Jenna and we could not be more thrilled. Cooper used to run away from us and would not come back for hours at a time - for him it was a fun game of chase and for us it was downright awful. He was a ball of energy and did not listen at all. He's been home for about three weeks now and he hasn't been on a leash once! He comes when called EVERY SINGLE TIME, even in the most distracting situations. He no longer bolts out the door when it's opened - his door manners are incredible. He doesn't jump to greet us or our guests. He doesn't chase cars. He is now able to play outside with us, run freely and safely and we are confident that he will listen to our commands. Cooper truly is the most enjoyable dog now and we owe it all to Jenna. My husband and I are still in disbelief that our dog listens so well. Anyone who knew the Cooper "before" can't believe it when they see him now! This training program is life changing for both our dog and our family and I would recommend it to everyone.

Katherine M.  //  Verified Facebook Review

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