Clean your dog's teeth

The Case for Brushing Fido’s Teeth

Bad breath is bad news. We’ve all been trapped in close proximity to someone plagued with it. When it comes to our dogs it’s really our responsibility to take charge of the situation because, obviously, they can’t do it themselves, and left unchecked it can lead to serious health issues.

The pet health experts at recommend daily brushing and professional cleanings as part of your dog’s overall wellness regimen. See the related article at

There’s even an online slideshow at that demonstrates the best way to go about the task:

One veterinarian was candid about the fact that our busy lifestyles don’t leave a lot of time for us to get up close and personal with Fido’s teeth; the alternative, he said, was to have routine professional cleanings by a vet.

In fact, Veterinarian Andy Roark in his article on the matter: describes the danger associated with ignoring your pup’s bad breath. 

Tartar is largely composed of bacteria. If left to proliferate it can get into your dog’s bloodstream and adversely affect his or her organs. Basically, canine dental disease can make your dog extremely sick and can even be fatal.

So take some time today to take a close look at your pooch’s teeth, even if bad breath isn’t already a problem. Consult with his or her veterinarian regarding the optimal frequency of dental check-ups and for some canine teeth-brushing lessons if you’re able to commit the time each day to do so!

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