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Great Dogs for Seniors

Breeds that Make the Best Friends for Seniors

There are lots of things to consider when you get ready to adopt a dog and your own age, lifestyle and overall health should definitely play a role in the decision. For those of us in our fifties, there are more senior-friendly breeds to keep in mind before making the commitment to offer a pup […]

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Dog Noses

Fido’s Nose Knows (and LOVES) You

Scientists have confirmed that you are your dog’s favorite smell, according to research from a new study conducted by the Center for Neuropolicy at Emory University, led by Neuroscientist Gregory Berns. The noses of pooches in Boston, Worchester, Springfield and Lowell, Mass. can discriminate a number of scents, just like their canine counterparts in the […]

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Lyme Disease in Dogs

Lyme Disease and its Dangers to Your Pooch, Part 1

Lyme disease may currently be one of the most misdiagnosed diseases, some pet health experts say. And whether your pooch’s veterinarian agrees with that statement or not, chances are he or she would concur that this tick-transmitted disease can be harmful and even fatal for Fido. So just what are some of the dangers of […]

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Dog Kisses

Dog Kisses or No Dog Kisses

Many of us kiss our pets without reserve. And they reciprocate. But how healthy is it for us when we are the recipient of a wet, on-the-lips doggy kiss?  The experts at WebMD say it’s not all that risky to our health, with a few exceptions.  Clark Fobian, DVM, president of the American Veterinary Medical Association […]

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dog accessories

To Accessorize or Not to Accessorize Your Pup

If you’ve been a pet parent for any length of time you may have considered, or at least been tempted to consider, whether or not to add a little bling to Fido or Fiona. By bling I mean anything from a little sparkle or spike on their collar to an all-out canine apparel makeover. Surely […]

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Keep your dog safe on Halloween

5 Halloween Tips to Keep Your Pup Safe

Halloween celebrations in the Bay State (including Boston, Worcester Springfield, and Lowell) are plentiful and pooches often go on parade alongside their pet parents in style. But the veterinary experts at Pet Health Network offer these five safety tips to keep in mind: 1. Dogs may not fare well Halloween festivities! The noise and excitement […]

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sad dog winter blues

Do Dogs Get the Winter Blues, too?

For many humans, winter and waning daylight in certain areas of the world (including Boston, Lowell, Springfield, Worcester MA), cause Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), or depression that is related to the changing of seasons, as defined by the Mayo Clinic here: But is there any definitive evidence that SAD affects our four-legged friends? A […]

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Keep dogs away from poisons

Keep Your Pet Away from Fall Poisons

As the days grow shorter and the air grows cooler there are things to keep in mind to help your pooch adjust safely to Autumn’s approach. Pet owners in Boston, Lowell, Springfield and Worcester, Mass. enjoy the scenic beauty of foliage right in their own backyards. However, there are potential dangers lurking for Fido (and […]

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Dogs and hearing loss

Hearing Loss in Your Pooch

Aging dogs suffer from hearing loss just like their aging human counterparts. Often times, owners attribute their dog’s hearing loss, in its early stages, as a behavioral malady. But Age-Related Hearing Loss (ARHL) – the most common form of canine hearing loss — will plague most dogs sometime during their “third trimester of life,” according […]

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Do not pet working dogs

Service Dog Etiquette

Is it ever okay to pet an on-duty service dog?  Service dogs in Boston, Lowell, Worcester and Springfield provide invaluable assistance to those they serve and aren’t all that different from their canine counterparts in other parts of the U.S. When you see one of these special animals out in public with their owner it’s […]

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