Dog Kisses

Dog Kisses or No Dog Kisses

Many of us kiss our pets without reserve. And they reciprocate. But how healthy is it for us when we are the recipient of a wet, on-the-lips doggy kiss? 

The experts at WebMD say it’s not all that risky to our health, with a few exceptions. 

Clark Fobian, DVM, president of the American Veterinary Medical Association notes, “…you have to think of where their nose has been. Has it been inside a dead opossum on the side of the road, or the posterior of another dog, or in the litter box?” 

If any of those scenarios were the case, you may feel less inclined to give or receive a smooch from your pooch. 

In the online WebMD article by Suz Redfeam titled Do You Kiss Your Dog found at Dog, the author cites more of Fobian’s perspective on the matter. 

Keep in mind that whatever may be on his or her coat will also end up in his mouth. And the mouths of canines and humans are home to a large number of bacteria. 

Fobian further mentions that people with weakened immune systems might be better off avoiding a doggy kiss altogether.

On the other hand, people with healthy immune systems might actually benefit from a canine kiss, according to A story published in March 2015 titled New Study Proves Dog Kisses May Actually Boost Your Immune System by Kristian Lotz (, claims that the bacteria introduced from pooch’s smooch might make you healthier.

So you need to decide how best to proceed with regard to giving and receiving those kisses. Just keep in mind that not all dogs favor having a human face so near theirs. Make sure you’re aware of your pooch’s comfort level before you or your children get too close. 

“A dog who doesn’t want to be kissed will show his stress by leaning away, looking away, pursing and licking his lips, ” writes WebMD’s Redfeam. 

Consult with your pet’s veterinarian if you have questions or want more information on this topic. 

And when your questions about your pooch are of a behavioral nature be sure to call your local Boston, Lowell, Springfield, and Worcester, MA Off Leash K9 Training professional. He or she has the expertise to resolve your Bay State pup’s behavioral challenges, which may include everything from canine obedience training to dog aggression to food aggression to potty training issues, and more!

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