Do not pet working dogs

Service Dog Etiquette

Is it ever okay to pet an on-duty service dog?  Service dogs in Boston, Lowell, Worcester and Springfield provide invaluable assistance to those they serve and aren’t all that different from their canine counterparts in other parts of the U.S. When you see one of these special animals out in public with their owner it’s […]

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Fearless Dog

Make Your Dog Fearless

Getting a new puppy or even bringing home a new dog is always exciting! As we know, it’s not always roses when our new additions come home with us. Some dogs have potty training issues, some have aggression issues, some are incredibly fearful and the list goes on and on. For any potty training issues, […]

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Walk Your Dog - Off Leash K9 Training

Daily Dog Walks: Timing Is Everything

The importance of daily exercise to your dog’s health can’t be overstated. Taking your pooch for a walk is an important ritual for bonding as well as for his or her fitness routine. And the exercise is most likely an added benefit for you, too. Experts share some tips about establishing the best time of […]

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Boston Dog Trainers

Check out our blog regularly for tips and tricks about our canine companions! We offer insight on dog habits, behaviors, training techniques, so so much more! We also often post blogs about different vets, groomers, breeders, walkers, and sitters in the area in case you need those services for your four-legged friend. Check us out […]

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